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Idea # 28: Make some no-fuss fidgets

Another idea from From Tutor Scripts to Talking Sticks, by Paula Kluth and Sheila Danaher

Make your own desktop fidgets for times when students just need to wiggle, squirm, and keep busy. When you make your own, you can not only customize your materials for individual learners, but you can then offer options to all students in the inclusive classroom and not just those with identified needs.

These are made with balloons (the thicker the better) and beans, but you can use sand, flour, or any other material that might feel interesting to your students. Just use a funnel to add materials and knot tightly. The picture below is from the Charlotte area Attention Deficit Disorder blog on the Child and Family Development website.

Students in upper grades can participate in making their own fidgets and you can use the opportunity to teach about why fidgets may be helpful to many different students, not just those with autism.

Here are a couple of links to sites explaining how to make these fidgets: