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Idea #6: Frame a poem

Another idea from A Land We Can Share: Teaching Literacy to Students With Autism, by Paula Kluth and Kelly Chandler-Olcott

All students need daily opportunities to both read and write. Some students, however, do not have the ability or the experience to compose without some support. Some of these individuals may find success working from frames. Frames can be used to create entire stories, whole paragraphs, and sentences. Frames can also be used to create first poems. Students can collaborate on these or learners can use the frames independently by writing words and phrases, adding word stickers to a page, or by making choices of words or pictures on a communication board.

Poetry frame example #1

Completed poem #1

I am silly, loud, and a lover of horses
I wonder about horses
I know my horse loves me
I want more a riding trophy
I am silly, loud, and a lover of horses

Poetry frame example #2

Completed poem #2

As soft as a little bunny
As white as a snowman
As jumpy as a cricket
My dog, Buttons