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Illinois Includes Speaker Preview: Patrick Schwarz

Another not-to-be-missed speaker at the Illinois Includes Conference is Dr. Patrick Schwarz.

When it comes to Patrick Schwarz, I almost have no words (and that is saying a lot for someone like me who seemingly never stops talking). He is an amazing presenter with equal parts heart, soul, and energy. Let’s just say that if you have never seen Patrick speak you are in for a treat and a half. People describe him as dynamic, energizing, and motivational. I see him as all of these things and so much more.

Patrick has been my boss, my friend, my neighbor, my co-worker, my co-presenter, and even my co-author. In this short clip, you can see him chatting about our book, Pedro’s Whale. You can tell from this video just how student-centered he is (one of the things I love most about him):

Patrick has collaborated with me on three books, but his most popular title is From Disability to Possibility; it is a.collection of stories and ideas that inspire families, teachers, advocates, and self-advocates to think beyond “what is” and dream about new ways to both teach and learn. And now for the really great news, Patrick’s newest book is now available for pre-order! The follow up to From Disability to Possibility is titled From Possibility to Success and let me be one of the first to tell you that it is simply fantastic. But don’t take my word for it. Order a copy for yourself. Or better yet, order a copy and come to get it autographed at our conference. Patrick is present two sessions on May 9th. He will discuss positive behavior supports and working with paraprofessionals. Come and see one of the best advocates we have in the field today. You will be so glad you did.

Want to learn even more about Patrick? Visit him on his own professional website.

From Possibility to Success: Achieving Positive Student Outcomes in Inclusive Classrooms

In From Disability to Possibility, Patrick Schwarz made a passionate and compelling argument for the inclusive classroom. From Possibility to Success takes Patrick’s case to the next level by providing teachers with powerful new tools to make inclusive education work, along with guidelines for incorporating them into classroom practice.

With the goal of building lifelong skills, Patrick offers templates and authentic forms that help you plan lessons and units while at the same time embracing students’ interests and passions, working toward students’ dreams, promoting leadership, self-advocacy, self-determination, and membership in both school and the community. With an explicit overview of each tool, a rationale for using them, and compelling stories of how they have helped real students in real classrooms, Patrick empowers educators to combine the science and art of teaching all learners. Try them out and discover hope, direction, and inspiration to turn possibility into success.

From Disability to Possibility: The Power of Inclusive Classrooms

Drawing on the stories of learners, both with and without disabilities, as well as families and teachers, Patrick Schwarz shows you not only why many current special education frameworks don’t work, but also how they damage children, often for life. Then he demonstrates how possibility studies offers a meaningful, practical, and doable alternative to traditional special education practices both during the school years and after.

Ideal for general educators, special educators, administrators, educational leaders, related service professionals, paraeducators and self-advocates, From Disability to Possibility illustrates, through stories of struggle and success, how creative, conscientious teachers can work with everyone involved in a student’s learning to make special education work.

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